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13 Differences between Satanism and Religion



1. Satanism does not require to believe

Belief and comprehension are two directly opposite concepts; you can either believe in something or try to cognize it. Those who want to rule their life need to comprehend the world, whereas those who want to calm down in submission to circumstances need to believe that everything in this world goes right. That's why Satanism applies rational and critical thinking, while religions call to believe.


2. Propagation to as many people as possible is not a goal of Satanism

Religions are intended for the majority of people, because their commandments and stories about heaven and hell would have no use if only few people believe in them. The ideas of Satanism are formulated by Satanists themselves, and only afterwards they find out that this is called Satanism. Only few people can, and want to, invent their own philosophy. This is why Satanism will never be popular in the masses.


3. Satanism has no canonic rituals

Rituals originated as occult actions for achieving a common goal of the participants by a magical way. Most people have similar goals in their life; therefore, religions wrote their canonic rituals that suited to almost everybody — except those who have their specific uncommon aims, like Satanists do. That's why, if Satanists want to use ritual magic, they need to invent a unique ritual that fits to the goals they want to achieve at that moment.


4. Joining the Church of Satan is not ultimately necessary for being a Satanist

In some religions, a neophyte is required to join the religious organization by the prescribed ritual way; other ones consider the children of their followers to be their member from birth. Satanists are a different type of personality; their difference from the majority of people is not just their belief or family history. Therefore, becoming a member of the Church of Satan or any other Satanic organization does not make you a Satanist, but only confirms that you already are.


5. Religion is propagated to followers; Satanism is developed by Satanists themselves

Religious literature is written to tell the people what ideas they must follow to be Christians/Moslems/Buddhist/etc., while Satanic literature is written to tell those who already have invented Satanic ideas on their own that such ideas are called Satanism. The people who have borrowed their worldview from outside are certainly not Satanists; the same way, those who develop their own philosophy are not religious believers.


6. Satanism does not prophecy the end of the world

The priests of most religions frighten their believers with some kind of Apocalypse and require of them to be prepared to the end of the world. Satanism does not suppose that the world will ever come to the total end; it just says that the humankind needs to keep on evolving and developing itself in order to survive in any possible drastic changes.


7. Satanism does not teach morality

Most people are not sure of their ability to act always reasonably; therefore, they need instructions for safe living, which are called morality. This is why all religions proclaim morality and attribute its authorship to gods, saints or prophets in order to make this morality more effective. As a Satanist, you are developing your personal Satanic philosophy and ethics instead, based on your own understanding of the society and life.


8. The more ancient is the text — the greater is its value for religion, and the lesser for Satanism

Any wisdom is a product of its time, and what the ancient people viewed as the highest wisdom seems naive and banal for us. Religions try to keep on preaching the same ideas all the time, because any change in their teachings produces doubts about both the old and the new interpretation. However, doubts are an integrated part of Satanism, and Satanism is always developing. That's why religionists canonize the texts of the past, while Satanists create the texts of the future


9. Religion brings the gods down to the Earth; Satanism raises human beings up to the level of gods

Religion describes its gods as creatures similar to humans, with human passions and weaknesses. It says that gods can love and hate each other, pictures them as gluttons and drunkards. Satanism calls humans to develop their abilities, to overcome their human weaknesses, aiming that the future generations will be able to obtain the might of gods.


10. Satanism does not give ultimate answers to eternal questions

Religions gain their popularity by giving clear answers to the questions that nobody can certainly answer today — because religious believers are afraid of the unknown and prefer insincere answers to frank questions. Satanists don't want to lie to themselves taking the religious fairytales for answers to unanswered questions. Satanism does not provide a ready-to-use answer; it's a way for you to find an answer by yourself.


11. Religion calls to unity; Satanism appreciates diversity

Religion is a business based on people's ignorance; this is why thought diversity is unprofitable for it. The more diverse ideas exist — the less people view a particular religion as the only truth — the less money they donate to this religion. Satanism is your individual way of developing yourself; this is why, for Satanism, the more diverse ideas exist — the greater are the chances of some of them to be prospective and useful.


12. Satanism is not an integral part of the society

Each religion tries to be a respectable social institution in order to impose its morality and ideals onto the whole society. It's being done by organizing religious lessons and prayers at schools, by taking part in politics, and by propaganda in mass media. Satanists also can participate in any spheres of social life, but they would not proselyte Satanism as a mass ideology, just because most people are never able to understand Satanism.


13. Satanism does not view human beings as the perfect creation

Religions say that their god created mankind in his image and likeness and does everything to let people know who created them and to worship their creator. For Satanism, human is just the most intelligent species living now on the Earth and, as F.Nietzsche said: "Human is something to be overcome", just a step on our evolution path from apes to gods.

Translated from Russian by Milchar & Evengar