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The Vegetarians That Can Eat Us Up



The word 'totalitarianism' is usually associated now with the North Korean regime or with the famous novel by G.Orwell. Journalists have been wearing out this word for so long that it has become almost meaningless. Is there any corrupt dictator in the world whose rule has not been called a 'totalitarian regime'? No one of these pretentious column writers has ever lived under a real totalitarian regime. Therefore, totalitarianism is viewed in the West as an exotic horror from the Third World, and nobody notices the birth of a new totalitarian ideology here and now, in America and Europe. But it's already here: a new totalitarian religious doctrine, still without any gods or scriptures, but already proselyting aggressively.

This religion does not prophesy any heaven or hell in afterlife, nor does it promise to build a paradise on Earth. It just requires you to believe blindly in its dogmas and to follow the restrictions it prescribes. In fact, this is exactly the view on religion in the modern Western society: a set of prohibitions on some pleasant things that the believer should obey. Nowadays in the West you are allowed to choose from many religions or to be an atheist. You are still allowed — but it can suddenly change if adherents of the new faith come to power. The same way it changed for the ancient Romans as soon as Christianity had taken the rule. The new religion I'm talking about is similar in many aspects to that early Christianity of the emperor Constantine's times.

This faith still has no name. I call it Ecoveganism, but surely it will invent a handy name for itself when it needs it.

To some extent, everybody has already encountered the ideas of this religion. The three main ones are:
1) Veganism or, as a temporary solution, vegetarianism. While Christianity requires for its followers to abstain from eating meat at some days of the year only, Ecoveganism wants you to fast for your whole life.
2) Protection of animals and environment, which really means battling against any human activities that affect nature to any extent. For Christianity, people are sinful due to their animal instincts, while for Ecoveganism humans are sinful because they have something else but the animal instincts, and because they really dominate over the animal world.
3) The so-called 'feminism', which now in the developed countries has nothing to deal with women's rights and gender equality. The real feminist movement in Europe and America has already reached all its goals; as a result, now pseudo-feminists have come onto its place and their business is to rouse an inter-gender conflict instead.

Ecoveganism has not written its canonical scriptures yet, but this is only a matter of time. Christians also assembled their Bible into a single book only in 4th century CE, and even after that they edited it many times. Ecoveganists too feel more comfortable today pretending to be many different unrelated groups. If you criticize their aggressive veganism, they claim not to be vegans but just environmentalists instead; if you say their views on the environment are stupid, they respond that you hate them for their feminist attitudes, and so on. However, it would be difficult now to find a supporter of one of the main Ecoveganist ideas who were not also adhering to the two other ones. This means that actually Ecoveganists are a single united movement, despite of the different names they call themselves.

Ecoveganism has all signs of a totalitarian ideology. First, it does not tolerate any other viewpoints on the issues relevant to it; neither killing animals for food or scientific study, nor any radical transformation of the environment, nor any different view on gender issues can be excused in the eyes of Ecoveganists. Second, Ecoveganism aims to spread onto the whole world if possible. Third and the last, despite of all the differences in the viewpoints, Ecoveganism easily finds mutual understanding with other totalitarian ideologies, such as fundamentalist Islam, or reactionary nationalist movements (the Zapatista, etc.).

Thus, Ecoveganism is a religion that assigns the role of Absolute Evil to humankind and aims to turn humans into a herbivorous species. Surely it reminds us of the Christian analogy between people and sheep; the proponents of Ecoveganism also want to turn us into a sort of sheep and to become shepherds themselves.

Like Christianity, Ecoveganism pretends to the role of savior; while Christian priests are "saving" us from suffering in their fictional hell, Ecoveganists' business is to "save" nature from (mostly also fictional) danger of human activities. Surely, they are always ignoring the fact that human's pressure on the environment decreases with the development of technology.

Just as any totalitarian ideology, Ecoveganism cannot go without intervention into the sphere of sexuality. However, it acts smarter than the monotheistic religions, which simply prohibit everything not necessary for reproduction. Ecoveganists do realize that promotion of celibacy does not lead to success now. Therefore, they claim to have nothing against sexuality, while throwing many obstacles in its way. First, as animal proteins are necessary for pubertal sexual development, children forced into a vegan lifestyle from birth have no chance to grow into sexually healthy adults. Second, pseudo-feminist ideas driven to absurd lead to various troubles for a man who just wants a sexual contact with a woman.

This all is also accompanied by a disinformation campaign in mass media. Ecoveganist authors claim that sex is not so necessary for women as for men, and that men need only ejaculation, no matter under what circumstances. In addition, they say that masturbation is by no means worse than sex and advertise various devices for masturbation and other ersatzes of sex. So, the same way as Christianity has been always refusing to view sex as a single whole, Ecoveganism also tries to reduce sex to mere physiological processes and to remove its main component — the interaction of two individuals.

In addition, Ecoveganism raises another artificial barrier in the sphere of sexuality — between the so-called sexual orientations. Claims of the inborn predestination to be straight or gay or lesbian just make people to continue practicing the kind of sex they are used to and don't experiment with other ways. "Divide and conquer" — this is the policy of Ecoveganism towards sex.

So, what model of sexual relationships can we expect if the Ecoveganists have come to power? Will a natural heterosexual contact be available to everybody — or it will become a privilege for the members of the Ecoveganist party, church, or whatever they will call their organization? This can happen, because their attitude towards sex is incredibly similar to the position of Russian Communists on the issue of property and money: both these ideologies declare something desirable to everybody to be a dangerous instrument of violence. This lead them to the conclusion that a state control over it is necessary, which means that the state officials become "more equal than the others" in this regard.

(By the way, why should they concern only about sex? If Vatican collected a huge library of pornography, Nazi leaders loved and married women of absolutely non-Aryan origin, and "proletarian" Communist officials lived in luxurious mansions — why could not Ecoveganist officials arrange private parties with meat? It would look pretty typical for any totalitarian regime.)

The ideas of Ecoveganists are often associated with socialist or left liberal ideology, but this does not mean anything. All totalitarian movements, no matter whether they are religious or political, use leftist ideas as an instrument for attracting support from the masses. But as soon as they come to power, they immediately forget all the populist things they have been saying. Jesus, Lenin, Hitler — they all promised to make people's life better, but none of them really did so; why should we expect Ecoveganists to act any different way?

Also the sympathies of Ecoveganists to fundamentalist Islam are nothing more than a tactical trick. When a totalitarian movement aims to destroy the existing social order, it can come into alliance with everybody who wants the same. But after they had taken power, Christians began to burn heretics, Communists arranged the Trotzkyists trials, Nazis made the Night of Long Knives, and so on. Surely, if Ecoveganists come to power, they will immediately show their indignation at the Islamic attitude to animal sacrifice and women's rights; this will please some narrow-minded nationalists in Europe who fail to realize that their European culture is the next in the list of Wrong Old Things to be destroyed.

However, "A man is known by the company he keeps." If Ecoveganists have chosen such allies, it means that the progress of science and technology is their real main enemy. Despite of their vegetarianism and feminism, they are willing to cooperate with a religion that practices animal sacrifice and humiliates women, — only because this religion is also an enemy of modern civilization.

Therefore, we can be sure that if Ecoveganists come to power, science and technology will fall their victim. Mere existence of billions of people on Earth has become possible only due to the radical transformation of our environment with our technology, — but this is exactly what Ecoveganism views as a mortal sin. In the previous century, we have already seen the "Aryan physics" and the "proletarian genetics". The participation of Ecoveganists in the ongoing scandals around the issue of climate change, with their claims that turning to a vegetarian lifestyle will lower the carbon dioxide emission, hints at we are probably watching the birth of a new totalitarian pseudo-science — the "vegetarian climatology".

But hardly can they confine themselves to climatology only. The Ecoveganists' fight against both the carbon dioxide and the nuclear energy will inevitably lead to a decline of transportation and industry. If we take into account also their opposition to genetically modified organisms, we can expect even famine to reappear in the countries that have never seen it for the recent century.

However, the main problem with Ecoveganists is that their dogmas cannot be enforced by non-violent means. If EU or USA turn into a Ecoveganist empire, it will lead to massive terror against any opposition and probably to a new world war against the countries that refuse to accept the ideology of Ecoveganism.

"This all is mere speculations and fantasies", — can a skeptical reader say. Probably the ancient Romans and Greeks were saying the same when somebody warned them of the danger from the new Christian religion. And we exactly know that officers of the Tzarist Russia's police were saying the same regarding the Communists just a couple of years before Lenin's revolution. So, this is the case where a surplus of vigilance is much better than a deficit of it. Once again we are dealing with a totalitarian ideology that aims to destroy what we call our civilization.

Unfortunately, the history is repeating. As it has already happened many times, people are now afraid of old shadows and blind to see the new real danger.

The same way as it was in the ancient Rome, everybody is anxious about the decay of the old traditional beliefs in the face of a-bit-less-old foreign ones (Mithraism in the Antiquity, Islam now), but stubbornly ignores the openly proclaimed threats from the new sects. These young religions always look so ridiculous and have nothing in common with the very idea of religion by their time, so that nobody takes the possible danger from them seriously.

On the other hand, nowadays as well as at that time, many people support any new idea simply because it's new and because it promises to make the world better. In the ancient Rome, some well-educated people viewed Christianity as an instrument for solving the problems of the Roman society and did not notice its obscurantist character. Now in the Western countries, many people believe in the Ecoveganist ideology the same way and don't think about its possible consequences — though you need just to open your eyes and look on what's going on in the world, in order to see what is being brought into our life by Ecoveganists. Already now they are sabotaging scientific experiments with animals, they are demanding to ban some pieces of the classic literature as "sexist" ones, and so on. Ecoveganists even don't stop at open terror against politicians that oppose their ideas (remember the assassination of Pim Fortuyn). What a kind of religion is it, if it has founded its inquisition even before the establishment of the church? Will not it show us an example of so horrible obscurantism that even Christianity may look like a religion of enlightenment compared to it?

Some readers can argue that they know some people who support the Ecoveganist ideology but don't intend to implement it the way Christianity was acting in the times of the emperor Theodosius.

The problem with such honest people, who don't want anything bad — just believe in some mad ideas — is that they stay silent when their co-believers start massacring the infidels and burning books. In the history, this has already happened time and again. I'm sure that many, or even most of, early Christians absolutely did not want to plunge Europe into obscurantism and illiteracy. I'm sure as well that many of those who voted the Nazis in 1933 wanted just to kick out those corrupt liberal bureaucrats and bring fresh young people into power... But we know the results.

I'm calling to learn a lesson from the history. We should not make that kind of fatal mistake again. The danger from Ecoveganists is real, and we need to stop them before it's too late.