satanism today and tomorrow

Sexual Dissatisfaction as an Instrument of Politics and Commerce



I. The orgy is canceled

If an ancient Greek were brought with a time machine into our epoch, he would be pleasantly surprised with all the new things that have appeared in our life for the recent 2000 years; he would be even more surprised with the fact that it has really taken them only 200 years, not 2000. However, his impression of present-day people would probably not be positive in the same way. For a visitor from Ancient Greece, a 21st century man would look weak and sickly, as well as too nervous, anxious, and emotionally cold. Having mentioned also also the terribly uncomfortable clothing and footwear of modern people, that ancient Greek would inevitably conclude that people have ceased caring about their body at all.

But what would certainly be the most astonishing news for him, is our idea of sexual revolution. As wise men of Ancient Greece liked to do, he would start to ask us 'naive', 'childish' questions that would be a real challenge to answer, even for modern highly educated people:
— "If, as you say, your people have made a sexual revolution, why don't you celebrate your holidays with mass orgies?'
— "Why do you hide pictures of beautiful nude young women and men from your children instead of using them to teach your children art and beauty?"
— "It's nice that you are keeping the tradition of Olympics, but why do their participants wear so much needless clothing, despite the fact that it can hinder them from showing a better result in sports?"
— "Why do your girls conceal their most beautiful body parts when participating in beauty contests?"

...And many similar questions would come from that amazed ancient Greek. It is no wonder, because orienting in our 'post-sexual-revolution' society could be a complicated puzzle for a visitor from a real sexually free society; no logic can assist in guessing: where it is now permitted to express sexuality, and where the hypocritical medieval morality has been preserved almost unchanged.

As it tends to happen with any political revolution, the sexual revolution has not reached all the goals it set. Free love and nudity have still not become the norm, while police and bureaucrats keep watch on people's sexual life. Nevertheless, one cannot deny that a real revolution in public morality has been made.

Again, as it happens in political revolutions, utopian dreams have not come true; happiness for everybody is still not available, though probably there are much less people feeling unhappy than before (thanks to sexual education). Ones again, it has been shown that moral restrictions in people's mind are harder to fight against than formal restrictions in the law.

Similarly (once more) to political revolutions, the smarter part of opponents of the sexual revolution showed a pragmatic approach and understood that sex is a valuable resource and can be used as an instrument for holding power.

This all means that the sexual revolution was a serious tactical victory over hypocrisy, but nothing more. The hypocrisy regrouped its rows and retreated to a new defense line, which it still holds despite of all noise about sex.


II. Using 'sex' against sex.

Nowadays it would look ridiculous to propagandize 'innocence' to teenagers, not to say about young adults. However, propagandistic myths about sex that does not seem to be anti-sexual, even quite the contrary, succeed in reaching people's minds. But acting accordingly to these myths leads exactly to the result that hypocrites want to get: most people either don't have a sexual partner at all, or fail to get the full scale of pleasure from sex.

In fact, show-business and mass culture, which are said to be 'propagandizing sexual frivolity', stand now in the first row of fighters against any further expansion of sexual freedom. Their arsenal appears to be diverse and sometimes surprising.

For example, we may now watch 'erotic' movies, where the actors imitate making love. Frankly speaking, it does not look realistic, even with the most talented cinema stars. Seemingly, no such problem can exist in a sexually free society, which we believe to be; why cannot the actors (or dubbing actors) make love really? Nope; the producers prefer to go without it — or to intentionally show us sex in unrealistic way.

Besides of erotics, there is also pornography, which seems to be showing all things the way they really are. Unfortunately, 99% of it suffers from exceptionally bad taste and plain stupidity of its producers. Usually we can see hack-working actors, who don't get any real pleasure in the process and don't have an attitude to do their job well. This is how porno producers want to show us sex: just a set of standards movements ending with an unnatural scream as a poor imitation of orgasm. They separate sex from love to such an extent that even don't care about showing any emotions or feelings between the partners. But what they never forget about is to advertize various 'sexy' underwear or fetish things. You thought that only complete nakedness is sexy? oh, you innocent teenager! look at this sexy pants and bra! if you buy them, you will get a deodorant with a sexy flavor for free!.. And tons of other 'sexy' junk are being sold, but customers don't get any real pleasure of buying it.

It's no surprise. Sexual pleasure comes from contacting with a live human, a feeling and sensing one. But the sex business tries to sell us pictures, clothes, or fetish things as a substitute. Sometimes it succeeds in making somebody excite sexually by this commercial junk instead of a live body, or only by a body that has this junk on.

However, living fetishes are not much better. If you are attracted by boobs — here are huuuuge silicon boobs for you! If you want feet — look here! (Oh no, real girls don't have so giant size...) If you like butts... you already can imagine — what the porno producers have prepared for you.

Of course, we can optimistically hope that it is just a result of the bad taste and lack of aesthetics in producers and consumers of pornography. Unfortunately, they seem to be really attracted by all this: by parts instead of a whole, by fetish things instead of feelings, by stereotype scenarios instead of fantasy. They view the human body divided like in a dissection room: here are the boobs, here are the feet, and there are the other body parts; this side is for females and that one for males. Even where you can see bodies as a whole, it will be just bodies; you can only accidentally get known anything about their personality, character, or feelings. If you want something about the latter, you need to visit other places, where you can find lyric and romantic pieces about the soul — but not a single hint of the body where this soul belongs.

For conscience sake, doctors of the humanities will write scientifically-looking theories to explain everything. They will say that love and sex are two different phenomena; they will add that different sexual orientations exist, and therefore somebody loves girls, the other one loves boys, while somebody else can love feet or 'sexy' pants the same way. Finally, they will say that all this is good, and that also good is for each of these groups of people to have separate clubs, magazines, and shops. This is how the establishment applies the old Roman principle "divide et impera" to sex: by suggesting people that they are divided into groups with different sexual interest, which can tolerate, but never understand, each other. Meanwhile, mass culture tells some people to be proud of what they have in their pants, inspires the others to celebrate their sexual orientation or to defend their sexual rights; business, by the way, is selling a particular ersatz of sex to each group of people.

Of course, children must never get access to anything of this! What will happen to children if they manage to, is never explained; nor is it mentioned that by the age of about 8 almost all children have already seen something sexual. Do you know a better way to attract children's attention to something than to tell them that they are too young to see this? Also take into account that children in our society have almost no opportunities to see real sex, while ill-tasted pornography is relatively easily accessible to them. It seems like the real goal of the establishment is to teach children these sexual stereotypes of the mass culture instead of allowing them to learn, what the real sex is. So they will grow with sex-related psychological problems.

We can now conclude that the production of sex-related industry targets a sexually frustrated and, therefore, undemanding customer. To a large extent, this industry and the corresponding memes of mass culture serve the purpose of preserving the remains of anti-sexual hypocritical morality in the society.


III. To conquer the idiocy in us

In short, all propagandistic myths about sex come to the two main concepts: either something non-sexual is called 'sex', or sexuality is artificially dissected into parts that are claimed to be incompatible with each other. Let's review all these myths:
1. The myth of sex as something not absolutely evil, but, nevertheless, morally blameworthy in most situations, something similar to drinking or gambling, for example. This myth hinders people from leading a harmonious sexual life, which becomes an interchange of periods of celibacy and periods of hyper-compensation for it instead. The same myth also banishes the naked body into limited ghettos, such as naturist beaches and erotic art exhibitions.
2. The myth of sex existing separately from feelings and from rest of the life. In combination with myth #1, also impedes a healthy, harmonious sexual life.
3. The myth of sex as relationships of domination and subjection. Due to this myth, sexual relationships are described in terms of an imaginary hierarchy: who fucked (or gave in to) whom. Furthermore, this myth drives sexually frustrated people into politics and bureaucracy; as a result, their authority helps to preserve the still existing hypocritical anti-sexual laws and traditions.
4. The myth of sex as a set of sharply distinguished sexual orientations, any of which is attractive only for some group of people and disgusting for everybody else. This myth artificially limits a person's choice of possible sexual partners and rouses hostile feelings to each other in people that potentially could become lovers.
5. The myth saying that the overwhelming majority of people are happy in there intimate life, and only a few losers have problems with it. As a result, people unsatisfied with their sexual life hesitate to discuss it and, therefore, are unaware about what in their life can be improved and how. Another variant of this myth says that having something that could be called sex is enough to be happy. But now everything possible is called with this word; so this myth prompts people to consume ersatzes of sex, instead of doing something to make their life better.
6. The myth of sex as an element of adult life that children should not know about. As a result, children learn only what is not really hidden from them, i.e. the propagandistic myths about sex. Also this myth allows hypocrites to use children as a cover in their fight against freedom of sexuality and nudity.
7. Finally, the myth saying that the sexual revolution reached a complete success, and that the present situation is sexual freedom. As a result, the fight for further sexual liberation is weak and inconsistent.

These are the myths used to preserve the present state of sexual semi-freedom. They are kept not by any conspiracy of the establishment, but by people's laziness and unwillingness to think over the situation. No matter how often these myths are repeated in mass media; they are easy to detect and, therefore, you can clear your mind of their influence.

...Imagine a primeval tribe that lives in tropical jungle, without any idea of Western morality and mass culture. They know nothing about pornography, sex-symbols, or sexual orientations, nor are they aware of what children may see and what not.

Then imagine how it goes by them: how they make love, and how teach their children sex...

This is sexual freedom. Any propaganda of different cultural values aims to keep sexually unhappy people in their state of frustration further.

As a conclusion, the propagandistic myths about sex and the cultural stereotypes they have formed hinder people from getting full-scale pleasure of sex. These myths restrict the choice of sexual partners and lifestyles, as well as opportunities to discuss and solve sexual problems.


IV. Cui prodest?

There are no global conspiracies, but only political and financial interests. When influential groups in many countries coincide in their interests, it looks as though a single clandestine group rules the world, but this is nothing more than illusion.

Sometimes we just see Parkinson's Law in action. The structures of police and bureaucracy that were once established to persecute human's sexual instincts don't want now to be disbanded and, therefore, are constantly thinking out a new work for themselves. They especially like to fight pornography, prostitution, and pedophilia, because this fight can last forever and thus keep their job paid. Meanwhile, somebody is still writing books about the necessity of abstinence for teenagers and unacceptability of sex before marriage; such writers also want to keep getting royalties from their texts.

Certainly, some other influential groups are involved too. Monotheist religions are the most active of them, not only as the largest producers of anti-sexual literature, but also as a force opposing any changes in the society due to the pure instinct of self-preservation. Ignorance and family problems are the two main factors that drive people into church now; thus the church is interested for both of them to be widespread in the society.

In some countries, the military is another interest group. It's not easy to train a mob of young rowdies so that they will be ready to risk their lives in real battle situations. Thus all possible means are used; a combination of sexual hunger with rumors about easy raping of the population at the occupied territory is not the last among them.

Also politicians feel pretty comfortable. When a noticeable share of voters holds to an anti-sexual morality, it's easy to gain in popularity by appealing to their hypocrisy and promising to fight pornography, prostitution, and abortions. In districts with a more liberally thinking people, the votes are fished by exploiting the popular myths about sex: for example, by participating in gay and lesbian events. Also spoiling the reputation of a political rival is easy; you need only to take nude pictures of him with doubtful girls, or to interview his ex-girlfriend about some spicy details. In a really free society, this all would not matter at all, and managers of black propaganda would have a much harder job, because not every political rival was involved in corruption or other really criminal actions.

However, the greatest winner in the current situation of sexual semi-freedom is organized crime. Producing something illegal that attracts a giant demand is an exceptionally profitable business, especially when taking into account that the quality does not matter much. You can hire local drug addicts to work as actors for a dose of heroin, and start making porno movies in your kitchen with a cheap camera — your customers will be buying this stuff anyway. Underground brothels and other 'spicy' places also bring millions to their owners, who can decline any responsibility towards their staff.

The legal business is also making serious money on sexual restrictions. Various paparazzi and scandal reporters are the most striking example; in addition, we have psychologists and sexologists, who come to be the only ones for people to talk about their sexual problems, as well as authors of books about how to be sexually attractive instead of just being yourself. Most, if not all, of these trades will be obsolete in a sexually free society. They are getting their money now by utilizing the fact that sexually frustrated people are easy to manipulate using their sexual instincts. Thus all kinds of politicians and merchants keep on pressing this button to get their money and power.

They are the adversaries that a future Second Sexual Revolution will fight against. Not the church, which is going empty now, but the business on sex scandals, the criminal gangs controlling the illegal sex industry, and the politicians representing their interests, — they are the main obstacle on the way to real sexual freedom. Don't forget also millions of needless officials watching over people's intimate life, who want to keep their well-paid jobs.

Their position looks unshakable, but only at the first glance. History teaches us that when people really want freedom, they can overcome everything.