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When entering a website on Satanism, you probably expect to find texts of rituals and pictures of skulls, blood and upside-down crosses. But such stuff is not going to appear here. I am making this site in order to show the deeper aspects of the Satanic philosophy, which are rarely taken into account even by openly-declared Satanists. It could be called 'The Other Side of the Dark Side' but 'The Progressor' is a shorter and more precise name.

The association between Satan and progress is unobvious but nevertheless real. Satan is the one in whose name people has been breaking any old dogmas and prohibitions and rushing to new knowledge and new ways of life. This is what we call progress. Hardly has there been an invention noticeably changing our life that was not attributed to the Devil and damned by the priests of all established religions. Everything in our homes was created by the Devil — at least if we take on trust what once the church said about it.

To be worshipped, the gods and prophets don't need computers or cell phones as well as modern medicine and transportation. Religions did way better with the primitive technologies of the Middle Ages than they do with our high-tech world, which evidently has been created not by their god, but by the people who were ready to improve their life with their own hands and brains instead of prayers and vain hopes for god's blessing. The romantic character of Dr.Faust reflects the spirit of such human wanting to act as a creator and intelligent designer of his own world.

But while people became creators themselves, less and less needed they to believe in the Creator and the dogmas attributed to him. The evolution theory ruined the belief in divine creation, the invention of modern contraceptives undermined the religious morality, and the priests are now forced to authorize the ideas and behavior that they formerly have been damning, because otherwise their temples would get deserted. Supposing Satan to be an enemy of all gods, there could not be a better strategy for him in this battle than to seduce humans onto the way of progress.

Along with Satan as the Great Progressor, the opposite forces, the regressors, exist too — at least in people's minds. We can hear their voice calling for a ban on researches in genetics and other areas of biology, for withdrawing the evolution theory from school courses, for restriction of teenagers' access to contraceptives, etc. They felt fine in their 'good old times' where no such 'diabolic temptations' existed. And their claims are always built upon their religion. Whichever faith they practice, it serves them anyway as an instrument of turning time back.

It's not simply my, your or other people's preference for the modern lifestyle to the old one. Anti-progressive ideas can be a threat to the very existence of the humankind. Our present level of technology is the crucial factor that allows so many people to survive on this small planet. The human population keeps growing, so our technological advancement should not lag behind. There is no alternative to the 'sinful', 'diabolic', Faustian way of eternal progress in spite of any commandments from any religion. We must either develop further or die, and a third is not given.

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