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The Satanic temple in Colombia

Sando Marthens


Milchar: This text has been translated from Indonesian using the Google Translate; therefore, I'm not 100% sure about all the details. However, it's the photos that are most interesting here.


At the first glance, this Colombian man seems to be just like other people. But in his country Victor Damian Rozo is known as the founder of the first Satanic temple in Colombia.

Rozo's interest to Satanism began when he encountered various problems in his life. This led him to the decision to quit with the Catholic faith that he had grown up in.

"I saw many people praying to god for help, but nothing changed in their life. I tried addressing to Lucifer instead, and this was where miracles started to happen!" – says Rozo.

As the next step, Rozo established his Satanic organization named "Seed of Light" and built the first Satanic temple in Colombia. He claims that many celebrities and political figures have been secretly visiting his temple since that time.

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The establishing of the first Satanic organization in Colombia provoked a variety of reactions, especially from Catholic organizations, which called this a "catastrophe of the 21st century" and "signs of the doomsday". However, Victor Damian Rozo keeps on leading his organization and plans to build new Satanic temples in Peru, Mexico, and the USA.

Milchar: Some additional information:

1. Victor Rozo's Satanic temple is located in the city of Armenia.

2. Victor Rozo's website (in Spanish only):


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