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Occult Abilities in Everyday Life



I'm always amused to hear one question that curious people often ask to those who practice magic (or whatever they call it) in their life. You probably heard it too; it's usually formulated as something like: “Do you use your occult abilities in your everyday life?”

It's nothing new that people like to know what's going on in their neighbors' bed as much as they like to calculate money on those neighbors' bank account. However, while people use to be careful with their money, they are mostly way less careful with their private life. Moreover, dealing with other people and dealing with money are the areas where people tend to make their biggest mistakes.

So, when meeting a witch, an average person does not view her as an opportunity to learn something for his life; instead, he wants only to reassure his status in the human herd:

1) She lives alone => “It's the price she pays for her devilish practices! If only she were a decent person like me...”

2) She lives with somebody => “She's bewitched him! But she'll pay as hell for her devilish practices, since she doesn't want to be a decent person like me...”

3) She does not have much money (I'd say this is a bad witch, but let's assume it happens) => “It's because she's paying so much for her devilish practices, instead of just being a decent person like me...”

Even in those rare moments when this decent person tries to think with his brain, he does not get to an idea that it's not impossible to tune the world around you to give you what you desire to get. Instead, he is going to ask again and again, whether the witch has magically tied her boyfriend to herself, until she finally gives up trying to explain him that it's not his fucking business and slaps him in the face. And even then, on the way home, he keeps on thinking about the superiority of decent people, who have real love and real everything, over those witches, who gonna pay for their devilish practices sooner or later... In the world where everybody reads “Harry Potter”, the idea that you are responsible for your life and your mistakes is really hard to grasp.

While those decent people are mostly driven by their envy and desire to feel superiority over everybody who is not like the others, the people who practice something occult often have the opposite issue — embarassment for being able to tune some part of their life better without any noticeable effort (“I'm happy here while kids in Africa are starving...”). The parents and school taught us empathy and compassion, which can be OK if it's about the responsibility for our pets, but which is really harmful when it gets turned as “Give place to the weak”. When those educators teach you morality, they don't show the difference between giving a seat in the bus to an elderly person and giving a place in your life to a parasite; they just simplify everything into “The weak is always right”. As a result, we see now that the weak want to get preferences based merely on their weakness. And if you refuse to give them what they claim, the morality you were taught in your childhood makes you feel uncomfortable, and this feeling weakens your own power.

So, what happens if a decent person who was taught this morality meets an occultist who was taught the same morality? It sounds something like this:
“Do you use your occult abilities in your everyday life?”
“Oh no! It would be a violation of other people's free will!..”

When you hear such fairytalish stuff about free will, you need to know: it's plain lie. Any magical actions work against the will of the people involved in them. If you want to help your friend to get a good job, you use your witchcraft, first — to find what is a good job from your viewpoint, and second — to force your friend to do everything necessary to get this job. Your friend's free will has no place in all this. Or another case: Mary wants to attract Pete, but he is way more attracted to Dave ☺ You apply your occult powers on Pete and get the desirable result. And again, Pete's free will has no business here.

Any influence into the world around us (no matter magical or not) violates somebody's free will. This is the law of the jungle: the stronger one wins.

Let's explain it another way. You are a healthy human, and you want to cook your dinner in your kitchen. Are you going to use both your hands to do it, or only one hand? If you have two hands, you will use both of them. And the same is true for any abilities you have. Nobody would abstain from using anything that is natural and helpful.

Some practitioners consciously apply occult abilities to achieve a particular goal. Others just get the desirable result without understanding how they did it. It can be any possible mix between these two ways as well. If a person has occult abilities, they will manifest themselves by one or another way.

If you don't use occult abilities in your everyday life — it can only be because you don't have them.


Translated from Russian by Milchar