satanism today and tomorrow

The Unhuman




“They are ill discoverers that think there is no land,
when they can see nothing but sea.”

/Francis Bacon/

Satanism, being formed to a large extent in opposition to Christianity, cannot avoid having traces of this opposition. We all know of kids who turn a Christian cross upside down and go to a cemetery at night, being inspired by the movies they have watched. However, the Satanic intellectuals, who turn the Christian principle of primacy of belief over reason upside down, are actually not much different. They call themselves unhumans and claim to be thinking essentially different from humans (e.g. ordinary people). This idea sounds inspiring and progressive in theory, but in pracrice it manifests itself as rationalization of everything. However, those “unhumans” forget that the ability to rationalize is also one of typically human features, along with the ability to believe, which they despise.

Moreover, although the idea of the unhuman was intended to be a different way of thinking than the usual good vs evil dualism, it actually preserves this dualism in a slightly modified form. The same way as Christians reject everything that contradicts their faith, rationalists reject everything that does not seem reasonable and proved. However, there is nothing “unhuman” in such a way of thinking, since we don't know of any other species with the ability to rationalize. Claiming that there can be nothing beyond reason, logic and proved facts is actually a very human approach. However, as we can see, all philosophical systems based on this approach appear to have internal contradictions.

In no way do I speak against rational thinking. Its practical usefulness is obvious. Nevertheless, we need to be very clear that, first, it's a typically human approach, and second, it's not a panacea that solves any problem. Therefore, we should not abandon other human features in favor of rational thinking; as long as we are still biologically humans, we should use all abilities that it gives us. Doing the opposite would be actually the same as dogmatic religions do: they abandon rational thinking in favor of those human features that don't contradict to their faith.

If we really want to find something “unhuman” in us, we should first look at instincts. Unlike rational thinking, which is unique to humans, instincts are common for all animals. Our intelligence is a product of higher stages of development of instincts. So, we can view our intelligence as a higher form of instinct. Here the question arises: is it the only possible higher form, or there can be other ones?

Philosophizing about making a step towards the unhuman, we can imagine it as a development of new abilities based on the instincts, but leading to something different than the intelligence we already have. It will be an ability to think “beyond reason”, a new logic and new rationality. By now we, alas, can only fantasize about it, since it will require changing the human nature in its essence. Anyway, instincts are the base for further development of new abilities. Our ancestors had used it to develop intelligence, and so they became humans. If we use it do develop something extra, our descendants can become gods — or monsters.

The mythological character of beast-god is not merely a fantasy. It pictures the idea of inhuman abilities developed from the instincts, a form of intelligence different from ours.

This can be one of possible ways to the unhuman, to discovering the Darkness in us. The aim of Satanism is, first of all, the development of your personal power, especially such power that was unknown before. This is what can be called progress in its full sense. Satanism is a step aside from human feelings, desires, values and reason, but not a fight against them. Fighting your own nature is the most stupid and self-destructive act you can do. Being a human is a stage of evolution from apes to something more advanced than human. Similarly, our intelligence is a stage of evolution from animal instincts to something higher than human intelligence.

This higher, truly “unhuman”, form of intelligence would look irrational for us today, since we could not understand the way it functions. But we could probably sense some of its aspects with our instincts. Though being more primitive, they are the base on which any more advanced way of processing information develops, and, therefore, are more universal than those more advanced approaches.

Purely rational thinking as a goal in itself is not anything new in history, but it has never succeeded yet. This is not a plain accident, since such a goal means narrowing the existing toolkit of intelligence instead of expanding it, developing new, “unhuman”, abilities. Such an approach cannot lead to anything better than what we already have.

A real unhuman, able to think beyond reason, a beast-god in the making, the one that is to come from the Dark Abyss of our instincts, — this is a goal for a Satanist here and now. It's not merely the way of thinking — it's everything that needs to be changed. We cannot imagine now: where it will lead, what the future beast-god will be able to achieve, and how it will be done. Will it be a completely new logic, super-logic, anti-logic? We cannot know it for sure, but what we can say for sure is that it will be something really unhuman in the full sense.

The Dark path lets us pursue many different goals. They can be of human nature, but can also be truly unhuman. But this path implies widening our abilities, not limiting them with any barriers, including the barriers of reason. We know that the human reason has its limits. For a Satanist, any chance to approach the level of god can come only with thinking beyond the way humans do, e.g. beyond purely rational thinking.

We need to look at the Darkness of our instincts. There the seeds of a new state of our being lie, a being that will be beyond the human nature and human way of thinking.

Translated by Milchar