satanism today and tomorrow

Dark Rituals from the Demon's Viewpoint

unknown author


If a demon can be summoned by humans, who are way inferior to him, why a human cannot be summoned by ants?

It should be definitely possible. If ants formed a circle in my kitchen, I would surely notice it and try to understand, where they came from. Maybe I would also do something evil with them.

This is why it's so important to know the true name of the entity you are summoning. I would certainly like to see a circle of ants chanting my name.

I imagine that they say: “You cannot go, since we've built a line of salt crystalls! You have to fullfill our desire!” I'm even curious: “OK, now you've summoned me. What do you want?”

Perhaps their desire would be: “Kill that ant for us”, or “Give us a spoon of sugar”. Hmm, I could do it with ease, why not? It would really exciting to tell it to my friends, how ants were chanting my name and asking for sugar.

But occasionally they would ask for something that I could not do. For example: “I love that ant female, but she ignores me. Make me important for her!” Hmm, that's a challenge… Or not: I just kill all the rest of the ants, and leave only that one and his beloved ant girl to remain. The problem is solved!

...And that ant would whisper horrified: “O gosh! I made it!...”

Translated by Milchar