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Dark Deities of Tibet


The people of Tibet worship some deities that are claimed to be part of Buddhism, but appear to have clear parallels with Satan, Belial and other demonic entities known to the Western cultures.



Shinjé is described as the god of death, the Lord of Hell, and the judge of the souls of the dead. Sapienti sat.


Nakpo Chenpo

Nakpo Chenpo is claimed to be a defender of the Buddhist faith and, in some sources, even Buddhas personal bodyguard. Look at his canonical depiction at the icon and decided for yourself, whether it can be true.



Chakna is said to be another defender and protector of Buddha and his teachings.



Relchikma is described as the goddess of joy that is able to remove all fears. She is blind on her bodily eyes, but can see well in the spiritual domain with her “third eye”...



Dzambala is the god of fortune and wealth.


* * *

Finally, look at the Tibetan icon depicting the Buddhist Hell with Shinjé in the center: