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A Pentagram-Shaped Rosary



Rosary is not just a nice-looking thing; some occultists use it in their magic practices. There is a problem though that the rosaries sold in shops are designed according to religious, mostly Christian, requirements. Therefore it will be reasonable to rebuild a traditional rosary into a really Satanic form. This is how I have made it.

At first, I tried to make a 65-beaded rosary of two 33-beaded ones. 65=13*5 seemed to be the most suitable number for a Satanic rosary. However, the thread got torn after some days...

Finally, I left my attempts to use number 13 in my rosary and chose 12, which has a stabilizing and harmonizing effect according to numerology. The result, a rosary of 60 = 12 × 5 beads looks so:

It's still alive after five years of usage. You too can make such a beautiful artifact for yourself.